Foundation problem in San Antonio

Expansive soils swell with moisture then shrink when dry,
causing your foundation to rise and fall depending on the amount
of moisture in the soil.

Inadequate drainage is caused when buildings are not constructed
on an elevation that drains water away from the building and lacks
proper gutters and downspouts.

It is caused by water leaks from showers, sinks, bath tubs, and
toilets and may occur under the slab, pier, or beam foundation.
Leaks may be invisible while causing serious foundation problems.

This situation occours when the foundation may be too thin,
lacks sufficient support, the reinforcing metal framework
is inadequate, or the concrete may not have been properly cured.

Uneven or sloping floors, displaced or cracked moldings, wall rotation
cracks in walls, cracks in floors, cracks in floor tiles or cracks in
foundation, doors and windows do not open or close properly,
separation of doors, windows and garage doors, spaces between wall
and ceiling or wall and floors, walls separating from the house.

Tunneling under the slab San Antonio

Usually tunnels are used to gain access under your home
without having to break a hole in your floor.

When using tunnels, there is no need to break holes through
your home's foundation, to tear out carpet, to cut through wood
or tile floors.

The tunnels digged under the foundation slab are connected
to a drainage system to prevent water from accumulating under
your home.

Tunnels are dug to allow pilings to be installed and pilings are used
to hold up the building's foundation. Once pilings are installed,
the home will be no longer sitting on the soil; therefore, the pilings
will be holding up your home, it does not matter if the walls of
your tunnels crumble.